About us

We are a green eco-friendly motor vehicle steam cleaning service based in Berkshire. A mobile valeting company who cover all areas in Berkshire, including Twyford, Reading, Woodley, Sonning, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Camberley, Finchhamstead, Slough, Marlow and Henley amongst others.

We bring our top quality service to you, be it to your home or workplace. Don't waste your time going to a car wash and waiting in a queue.

We use the Optima Steamer to steam jet wash and clean both the vehicle's exterior and interior. Steam jet is completely safe on car surfaces, it also sanitises and has a deodorizing effect. The gentle pure dry vapor steam penetrates the toughest and most delicate surfaces without the use of chemicals. There is absolutely no environmentally damaging waste water runnoff and by using this method, we save huge amounts of water.

It takes on average about 5 liters of water to clean a motor vehicle, saving hundreds of litres per wash compared with conventional washing methods.

Our product and service is the future in this world of ever increasing population, booming vehicle numbers and over use of our natural resources, especially water.

We guarantee customer satisfaction, and will clean your vehicle to the highest of standards.

We are superb at cleaning seats, removing stains, spillages and odours.

If you are returning a lease car, then we are the perfect service for you.

If you have bought a second hand car and you would like to be rid of the previous owners dirt, grime and odours, we are the perfect service for you.

Take advantage of our loyalty card where you can accumulate points and earn a free Full valet.

We give significant discounts for groups or for those who order our services for 3 or more vehicles at a time.

We service private and commercial clients.

There is no vehicle too small or too big

Let us keep your fleet looking sparkling

Give us a call and we will have your car valeted at your own convenience and you don't even have to leave your home or office plus you are helping to save the planet too!

We are fully insured and have public liability cover.

What does this product mean for our customers in a nutshell:

Water Saving

Our system only uses on average 5 liters of water to clean the average car.

No waste water run-off

All water evaporates and does not run off into the drains.

Natural sterilising effect

The heat and pressure of the water naturally sterilises.

Natural deodorizing effect

Steam cleaning naturally deodorizes.

Vehicle is cleaned "inch by inch" meaning no missed spots

Our cleaning operators meticulously clean every inch of the vehicle.

Less chemicals used

There is less need to use chemicals as the steam does all the work.

Cleans hard to reach areas efficiently

The steam is able to penetrate areas which are usually difficult to clean.

Quiet and low exhaust output

Our machines are quiet and run environmentally friendly.