About the Optima Steamer™ DMF

We use the Optima Steamer™ DMF. It is a revolutionary, environmentally-friendly vapor steam-cleaning machine. Using the latest in equipment technology-coupled with the unrivalled strength and purity of steam - the Optima™ DMF Vapor Steam Cleaning Machine can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odours and other contaminants without scratching, without chemicals and without creating waste water run-off.

The Optima Steamer™ DMF is equipped with a diesel burner that quickly produces steam in 2 minutes and provides continous and on demand steam whilst conserving energy.

Thanks to its non-idling burner, the machine minimises emissions and noise. The Optima™ DMF includes a dual spray gun system, which means two operators can clean at the same time without the loss in steam, pressure, heat or power and decreasing the time it takes to clean a vehicle.

What can be cleaned using the Optima Steamer™ DMF

  • Cars, Vans, trucks, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, shopping trolleys, machinery, caravans, mobile homes and many other surfaces
  • Removes bacteria, yeast, moulds and funghi
  • Sanitises surfaces
  • Parks and recreational equipment
  • Property Management
  • Graffiti removal
  • Signage removal

Myths about Steam Cleaning cars:

Cleaning cars with steam is just a gimmick - Absolutely not! Steam has been used in the cleaning industry for decades, steam readily dissolves deposits on polluted surfaces, it is clean and highly effective.

Cleaning cars with steam scratches the surface - Absolutely not! Car wash scratches are often caused by rubbing tiny particles of dirt, rust and sand against the paintwork without removing the paintwork first. The Optima however will effectively remove these tiny particles by applying the correct amount of heat, pressure and water, plus we only use microfibre cloths when drying and polishing. In fact you are more likely to get scratches from a tunnel wash (where dirt from other cars are trapped on the brush that "cleans" your car), or from using a self-service car wash facility. Steam is a lot softer than high pressure water.

Cleaning cars with steam damages the paintwork - Absolutely not! Paints on vehicles are made to be very resistant to both extremes of cold and hot weather conditions. As soon as steam is exposed to the atmosphere, the temperature drops drastically and therefore by the time the steam reaches the washing surface, it is well below 100C. With the Optima™ steamer, the steam pressure is preset at 8 bar(116psi), which is a relatively low pressure rate. However powerful and sufficient enough to wash painted surfaces safely and efficiently.